Metric Conversion Table

This chart provides the multiplier to be used in converting from U.S. Customary units to Metric units.  To convert from the Metric unit to U.S. Customary units divide rather than multiply by the factor.

When you know: To find metric units: Multiply by:
LB (Pound) KG (Kilograms) 0.45359237
Ton (Long) T (Metric Ton)

     (1T = 1,000KG)
Ton (Short) T (Metric Ton)

     (1T = 1,000KG)
OZ (Troy) G (Gram) 31.10348
YD (Yard) M (Meter) 0.9144
FT (Feet) M (Meter) 0.3048
IN (Inch) CM (Centimeter) 2.54
IN (Inch) MM (Millimeter) 25.4
YD2 (Square Yard) M2 (Square Meter) 0.8361274
FT2 (Square Feet) M2 (Square Meter) 0.09290304
YD3 (cubic Yard) M3 (Cubic Meter) 0.7645549
BBL (Barrel of OIL)

    (42 Gallons)
M3 (Cubic Meter) 0.1589873
GAL (Gallon Liquid) L (Liter) 3.785412
Quart (Liquid) L (Liter) 0.9463529
Pint (Liquid) L (Liter) 0.4731765
Curie MBq (Bq-becquerel) 37000
HP (Electric) KW 0.746
BTU/S KW 1.055056
BTU/H W 0.2930711
EF EC TEC = (tE f 32)/1.8